WonderLAnd Holiday Drive Thru

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Dec 01, 2020
From the creators of Haunt-o-Ween, comes a holiday themed drive-thru called WonderLAnd.
This frosted, all-ages welcome adventure takes place in Woodland Hills. Celebrate the holiday season with millions of lights and themed décor. Experience the magic during the most WONDERFUL time of the year from the safety & comfort of your car. Come along for the ride as we experience this unique attraction! #WonderLAnd #WoodlandHills #LosAngeles

Music heard in the background was played at the event and theFUNnelCakeBlog claims no ownership to it, nor added it to the video. Opening/closing audio beds have been credited to owner as audionautix.com

Tunnel music: Deck the Halls by Mellodees. Copyright Create Music Group, Inc. This track was played at the event as a promotion/sponsor and NOT added to the video while edited.