Rufus The Regal Rooster and Friends | Thanks for the Memories | A Loving Tribute

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Aug 20, 2022
For the past several years, Rufus the Regal Rooster was an unofficial Knott’s Berry Farm mascot, welcoming guests in the morning and saying goodbye in the evening. Always a character, Rufus. along with his “two girlfriends” could almost always be found in the marketplace, but on occasion they were known to have snuck inside park, been found shopping inside of Virginia’s Gift Shop, and checking out the desserts inside of The Farm Bakery.
For various reasons his girlfriends had no longer been with him, but under the care of dedicated associates and loving fans, Rufus was always well fed and carefully watched over.

In mid August, Rufus went missing from Knotts. Stories about his whereabouts have varied. With the hopes of his speedy, safe, and healthy return, this video will simply serve as a look a the photos and videos I have take of him and his friends since early 2020.
Always around, even during the park shutdown, Rufus was there while we picked up Chicken to Go, stopped in the various holidays, and just trips looking for some normalcy during a time of worry. He was the only constant during a time of uncertainly.

Going back through my photo folders, I found over 400 photos and videos that I had taken of Rufus, Gina, and Ginger. I hope you enjoy them.

It should be noted that Rufus and his friends were not under the official care of Knott’s Berry Farm, nor were they Knott’s property. For decades free roaming chickens have been found outside the park, along with other wildlife, such as ducks, birds, geese, raccoon, opossums, and even skunks!

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