Queen Mary Dark Harbor - Flashback Video 2021

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Oct 18, 2021
theFUNnelCakeBlog was just as disappointed that Queen Mary's Dark Harbor did not return this year (2021). Global events made it difficult to plan the event and internal issues with the city and ownership at the Queen Mary itself complicated the planning even more. This video looks back at the opening night of Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2019.

0:00 The Captain's Opening Night Message
7:15 The Gates Open and Monsters Are Unleashed
7:55 Shipmates (Characters)
8:15 Ambiance (The Event)
8:35 Rogue (Full Maze Walkthough)
12:30 Queen Mary Sliders (Show Clips)


For Halloween fanatics, Queen Mary Dark Harbor was a dream come true. In 2019, the event in Long Beach celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Fans and visitors were treated to a carnival-like atmosphere of devious monsters, entertaining side show performers, talented sliders, terrifying mazes, trips through a haunted ship, and devilish eats.

With the celebrated (and notoriously haunted) Queen Mary as the backdrop, the event was centered around a glowing green swing ride straight out of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Six mazes flanked the perimeter, with three located on the ship itself. Each maze features a centralized character, with tales based off of the history of the legendary vessel.

For 2019, the new maze was "Rogue," which told the story of the fateful trip that claimed the life of the event's mascot, "The Captain." Set within the festival grounds, adventurous explorers will weave in and out of a dome which allows the event producers to set the mood of a treacherous storm that rocked the crew's ship. Rogue offered some of the most creative special effects we have seen this season... on par (and exceeding the "Stranger Things" maze at Halloween Horror Nights." Look closely... and find the door to "Overboard," the maze's hidden bar, which offer two signature shots and a variety of other drinks.

Overall, no other local event offered as much entertainment. No one offered a cohesive story throughout their event. No other event allowed guests to interact with the talent the way Dark Harbor does. There was nothing like it.

Dark Harbor was consistently one of the most entertaining events of the year and got better with each run. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS AND HOPE THE EVENT RETURNS IN SOME FORM FOR 2022.

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