Postino Park Place Irvine | Best Happy Hour | Grand Opening

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Dec 12, 2022
Postino’s first West Coast outpost, Postino Park Place, brings the Irvine community together to create memories with a delicious, expertly-curated wine program and dishes that pair with every occasion.

The interior of Postino Park Place gives a nod to Orange County’s 90s underground music scene, and integrates decor selected from artists and vintage shops from Southern California.

Postino is fueled by a collection of individuals passionate about creating a space for people to connect. Our restaurants are an ode to our communities – providing familiar yet inspired surroundings, wine appropriate for both the most casual and sacred of gatherings, and a menu that satisfies all your cravings. Our mission is to make every moment that we’re a part of super special, one that leaves people feeling crazy-good.

Monday: 11AM - 11PM
Kitchen Closes at 10PM
Tuesday: 11AM - 11PM
Kitchen Closes at 10PM
Wednesday: 11AM - 11PM
Kitchen Closes at 10PM
Thursday: 11AM - 11PM
Kitchen Closes at 10PM
Friday: 11AM - 12AM
Kitchen Closes at 11PM
Saturday: 9AM - 12AM
Kitchen Closes at 11PM
Sunday: 9AM - 10PM
Kitchen Closes at 9PM
Sat – Sun: 9AM – 1PM

Redefine Happy Hour
$6 Glasses of Wine & Pitchers of Beer ‘til 5PM
$25 Bottle of Wine & Bruschetta Board Every Monday & Tuesday after 8PM
Postino Park Place
2981 Michelson Dr Suite E, Irvine, CA 92612

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