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Midsummer Scream (2022) | Halloween Convention

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Midsummer Scream is an annual, weekend long Halloween & Horror convention. The event showcases the diversity of Southern California’s haunt and horror community, while inviting fans from around the world to experience a weekend of excitement and non-stop spooky fun with over 350 exhibitors, a dozen mini-haunts and attractions, panels, presentations, live performances, and more. The 2022 event takes place at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Friday, July 29 to Sunday, July 31.

Time Stamps From Main Video:

00:00 Intro

01:10 Halloween Museum and Gallery

03:10 Hall of Shadows Walk-Thru

05:40 Hall of Shadows Maze Walk-Thrus

13:40 Decayed Brigade Slider Show @Decayed Brigade

16:10 Show Floor

16:45 Vocal Group

17:30 Show Floor

18:15 Halloween Horror Nights Presentation

21:45 Closing Thoughts

Walk-Thru Mazes (in order)

- Tales of Halloween from Corona Haunt@Corona Haunt

- Fear Farm Haunt - Phelan

- Shades of Hell from Santa Ana Haunt @SANTA ANA HAUNT

- Strait to Hale Productions from Rancho Cucamonga

- Nightmare from The Dreich Society @The Dreich Society

- Reichland Asylum - Riverside

- Realm of Shadow

Also featured:

@Midsummer Scream

@Halloween Horror Nights More info:

#MidsummerScream #HalloweenConvention #HorrorConvention Additional Content: Midsummer Scream's HALL OF SHADOWS


HHN Maze Preview: Scarecrow The Reaping

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