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Fright Fest 2019 - Scary Fun at Magic Mountain

On Saturday, September 14, Six Flags Magic Mountain welcomed in the Halloween season with the return of "Fright Fest." Unlike competitors, Fright Fest in not a separately ticket event. If you have an annual pass, membership, or purchase a day ticket to the park, you can experience much of the spooky fun, which begins at 7 p.m., on select evenings. If you would like to visit the haunted mazes, simply stop at the booth in the entry plaza and purchase a standard, or express wristband for a nominal price. Included in general admission are the six scare zones, live shows, slider demonstration, and the ever-popular rope drop.

Fright Fest offers an entertaining, and much more relaxed park-wide event than that of the other guys. While the maze lines can get long on busy nights, if you plan it correctly, there should be no issue visiting them all. Park management has promised an expanded event next year. But, that doesn't mean this year's event is lacking at all. In fact, a new overlay was given to Vault 666 and a new slider show has been added to the City Under Siege scare zone, which takes place on the hour, one hour prior to closing. The mazes range from the classic haunted house, to a macabre take on a popular fairy tale, to a large-scale outdoor walk-through with towering set pieces. The scare zones are creative and wildly fun. The entertainers on the Full Throttle stage never miss a beat, and the new "Sliders of the Night" show demonstrate talent that put them at the top of the So Cal food chain. The entire cast of the park's scareactors give it their all. In the mazes, the actors provide numerous jump scares, and on the streets, they are given the liberty to not only terrorize the most timid of guests, but pose for the ever important selfie for those that are there to add to their Instagram feed. Find a full breakdown of Fright Fest's offerings by: clicking here.

Fright Fest takes over on select dates through November 3. Bugs Bunny World closes at 7 pm on Fright Fest nights, when the monsters start to terrorize the park.

Gearing Up for the Scares

theFUNnelCakeBlog arrived around 5 p.m. opening night to snap a few photos prior to the sun going down. We were also treated to a few pre-scare snacks created by Magic Mountain's culinary team. We really enjoyed the Pulled Pork "Zombie Takis." We asked if these were available in the park. As of opening night, they were working on rolling out these items to guests. So, if you go, ask around and see if they have been added to the menu. We also stopped by "Pistachio Park" to check-in on the participants of the Coffin Challenge. Die hard Halloween fans had spent almost 30 hours in a coffin in the hopes of winning $666 and park passes.

Rope Drop and Scare Zones

UNLEASHED is the park's 7 p.m. "rope drop." Excited fans lined up early to see their favorite characters come out of the gate from their backstage holding area opening night. Don't fret if you missed it, this unleashing takes place nightly during Fright Fest in the "City Under Siege" scare zone (DC Universe). Fright Fest offers innovative, scary, and fun scare zones. Our favorite is "Nightmares" on the walkway between Viper and Tatsu. We always enjoy visiting with the park's iconic Willoughby family on the hill near Ninja. (Management: Please bring back the dinner with them at the former Laughing Dragon! Please!)


Six mazes can be found in the park during Fright Fest.

Sliders of the Night Show in City Under Siege (DC Universe)

Don't miss this show! It takes place at midnight when the park closes at 1 a.m., and 10 p.m., when closing time is 11 p.m. Arrive early and sit on the curb in front of THE FLASH Speed Force.

Event Guide and VooDoo Nights Stage

For full event information, visit

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