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Hang Time ... The Newst, Coolest Coaster at Knott's!

Knott's Berry Farm added another coaster to their exciting line-up with Hang Time, which opened "officially" on May 18, 2018. Lucky season passholders were treated to a preview the weekend prior... and coaster enthusiasts, fans, and those looking to get a leg up on their friends rushed to the park (myself included). The two-hour Friday evening drive from Universal City to to Buena Park was worth it! Anticipation built while waiting solo in the queue for my first ride. Utilizing space previously occupied by Boomerang, and before that... Corkscrew, Hang Time features 2,189 feet of track, and reaches a height of 150 feet. With its five inversions, and top speed of 57 mph, riders are treated to an experience unlike any other in the park. The highlight... the vertical lift, which sends passengers upward on their backs facing the sky and stars above. Once cresting the top of the lift hill, the train holds for approximately seven seconds on the brake run. A beach themed queue is accompanied by an impressive LED lighting package, which lights up the Boardwalk at night. Media Night for Hang Time took place the evening before the Grand Opening. Knott's management went all out with live beach music, a preview of their upcoming stage show "Beach Blanket Beagle," in the Charles M. Schulz Theatre (opening June 16), and a dedication by Knott's Vice President and General Manager Jon Storbeck. Fireworks marked the opening moment and the light package was turned on to wow the press. Hang Time seems to be a hit. Guest reaction is exactly what you would expect it to be. Riders return to the station screaming, laughing, and clapping... all signs of a thrilling, smooth, and fun ride. Having taken Hang Time out for a spin now 11 times, my favorite row is the back for air time, and the front for the thrill.

Hang Time is a great addition to the park. The light package is beautiful, and the new gift shop is Universal/Disney quality construction!

Nighttime POV on Hang Time

Video: Courtesy Knott's Berry Farm HangTime Basic Stats - Height: 150 feet - Track Length: 2,189 feet - Capacity: 3 trains with 16 single passenger carrying units each - Maximum velocity 57 mph Ride Features - 150-foot Vertical Lift - 96-degree First Drop - 5 Inversions - Holding Break at 60 degrees-ride will hang guests looking down over the first drop before starting - The Negative-G Stall Loop-only the 2nd roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere to have this feature offering unprecedented hang time - Colorful nighttime track chase lighting that will accompany the coaster train as it travels across the track

6/17/18 - Hang Time Dedication from Knott's Vice President and General Manager, Jon Storbeck

Video: theFUNnelCakeBlog

6/17/18 - Hang Time Opening Moment

Video: theFUNnelCakeBlog

Media Night Photos - 5/17/18

Preview Night Photos - 5/11/18

Boardwalk Surf Shop

5/17/18 Beach Blanket Beagle Preview

Video: theFUNnelCakeBlog

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