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Orange County Fair Visit

The Orange County Fair is celebrating 125 years with "One Big Party." The slogan lived up to its promise, with dozens upon dozens of rides for all ages, multiple stages with live music and too many demonstrations and product pavilions to mention, the Orange County Fair is well worth a visit. The rides are a bit on the expensive side, but two must-do's are the "Le Grande Wheel," which is America's largest transportable Ferris Wheel. Those with a fear of heights may want to pass on the view 150 feet up in the air. Heights aside, the cabin feels secure and the sightlines are amazing! The one-way sky ride which can be entered from either side of the Fairgrounds provide a relaxing reprieve (and a great view) from the crowds below. Having just eaten a massive brunch buffet at Mrs. Knott's prior to arriving at the Fair didn't allow for room in our full stomachs to try such classics has "Deep Fried Coffee," "Bacon Corndogs" and BBQ/Fried everything... but it all smelled delicious!

Admission is just $12 and includes most exhibits and performances. Rides and select concerts are additional costs. But the sights, smells and sounds are worth the price of admission alone. Plus, where else can you take a selfie with a walking Ice Cream Cone, Orange and Churro with a moustache?

The Orange County Fair runs through August 16. Those looking for additional fair fun can head up the coast to the Ventura County Fair which opens this week. While a tad bit smaller, the fairgrounds are next to the beach, offering magnificent views from most of the rides.

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