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By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Dec 07, 2023

An offroad adventure, a new family roller coaster, a giant swing, and the carefree fun of summer camp bring so much to explore in 2024 at Knott’s Berry Farm. Today, the theme park released exciting details about its six-acre, reimagined Camp Snoopy set to open Memorial Day weekend. Inspired by the California High Sierras, Camp Snoopy is the place where the iconic Peanuts Gang made its first debut outside the comic strip back when it opened in 1983. The reimagined land will allow campers of all ages to become fullfledged Beagle Scouts as they explore new rides, new character experiences, new entertainment, a new dining hall, a new camp store, plus more seating and ambiance.

Camp Snoopy 2024

As guests cross into the world of Camp Snoopy, they’ll become official campers, joining Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang for the camp’s annual jamboree, a fun week of camp competitions and activities. They can begin their adventure at Beagle Scout Headquarters at the new Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister Coaster, where Beagle Scout Master Snoopy and his troop will take them on a new first coaster experience through the forest.

Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister is the only family coaster that takes parents and kids up a lift hill and delivers a pint-sized launch, making this a first, big coaster experience for everyone. The best part is that guests get to ride twice so it’s double the fun and double the adventure every time.

Rocky Mountain Trucking Company will be transformed into the new Camp Snoopy’s OffRoad Rally. Guests will jump into their own colorful fourwheel jeep, each themed to Snoopy or a Peanuts character, drive through an expanded track and terrain, and race to the finish line. In this fun and colorful road rally, riders will encounter funny road signs and obstacles to go over, around, and under. Success is measured not by speed but by how many course checkpoints can be found.

Sally’s Swing Along is a nw experience and offers a carefree break from camp life. Not your backyard variety, this supersized swing set is big enough for the entire Peanuts gang! Kids and parents can sit side-byside on the giant bench swing and glide 10 feet toward the sky, back and forth, giggling and getting a taste of the good life.

Campers who want to test their Beagle Scout skills and earn their merit badges will be able to explore the great outdoors at the Barrell Bridge and Waterfall area of the camp. With a brandnew lookout terrace area, parents can relax up top or join in the fun down below as the kids navigate the bouncy, buoy-like barrel bridges to explore the cave and waterfall as Snoopy’s canoe teetertotters up abov

For a scenic journey throughout Camp Snoopy, campers will board the newly upgraded Beagle Express and take a locomotive ride through a series of camp vignettes, crossing over a covered bridge, and watching as Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang prepare for the jamboree events. They’ll see fellow campers along the route decorating their cabins for a “Best Cabin” contest and getting ready for potato sack races and more.

It’s not officially summer camp until you sing songs around the campfire. At the new Camp Snoopy Theater, campers will gather under a giant, new rustic-themed theater, filled with log benches for seating that surround a large firepit at the base of the stage. The firepit will be lit in the evenings for special campfire entertainment. During the day, the theater will debut a new Camp Snoopy show and offer more shade and a larger stroller parking area

Meetandgreets with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Pigpen, Sally, Marcie and, of course, Snoopy will now be found throughout Camp Snoopy at varying times daily

Guest favorite Woodstock’s Airmail reopens in a new area called Camp Post Office. Guests will strap into their seats and once again soar into the sky and back down again with Snoopy's favorite feathered friend.

And finally, rounding out the experience will be an updated Grizzly Lodge dining hall, with new décor and menu items, new family restrooms, and an immersive new Snoopy Camp Store with all the essentials needed for camp and then some.

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