Knott's Berry Farm Update | February 2023 | Food | Ride Closures

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Feb 05, 2023
Here's a Knott's Berry Farm update from the first week of February 2023. It's the second weekend of the Peanuts Celebration. New landscaping has replaced a few diseased trees that were removed from Ghost Town Old Betsy is still missing from Main Street (more than likely for refurbishment), work continues in Fiesta Village (closing the Stagecoach temporarily), Peanuts Celebration Decor has taken over the park. Xcelerator remains closed. The Timber Mountain Log Ride is closed for annual refurbishment. For breakfast we try a Lox Bagel from the Ghost Town Bakery and for dessert, mini donuts, part of the Peanuts Celebration menu.
Let's take a look...

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