Haunted Picnic Table Hike - Griffith Park

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Aug 20, 2021
In my personal pledge to lose 20 pounds by the opening of Knott's Scary Farm, I went on one of my favorite hikes in the LA area - the hike to the Haunted Picnic Table in Griffith Park. At just under 5 miles roundtrip of where we parked, this hike contains a steep, gradual climb, but is perfect for an afternoon... even in the summer. Our journey took us through the former Toyon Canyon Landfill, in operation from 1957 to 1985. This odd, abandoned place is often a backdrop for tv shows and movies. Enjoy our trip to one of the most unique places in Los Angeles. Is the picnic table haunted by two young lover who lost their lives there one fateful Halloween evening? Watch and find out!
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Weight loss kick-off journey at Knott's Berry Farm

Previous hike to the picnic table and other spooky places in and around Los Angeles:

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Jason Shaw