Classic Candy Unboxing: Tart n Tinys

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Jul 27, 2021
A few days ago the distributors of tart n’ tinys® announced the classic candy was now available at Big Lots stores nationwide! I wasted no time heading to the store.

tart n’ tinys® are small, fruit-flavored candies, which were distributed by Nestlé USA under the Wonka brand. tart n’ tinys® come in five colors, purple (grape), yellow (lemon), orange (orange), red (cherry), and green (lime).

The original incarnation of tart n’ tinys® candies were small cylinders of compressed dextrose. Along with Nerds and Wacky Wafers™, tart n’ tinys® were top sellers for the Wonka Company, but in the 1990s the original candies were discontinued.

tart n’ tinys® were off the market for a number of years before being brought back by leaf brands in 2014. Wacky Wafers, originally part of the The Willy Wonka Candy Company line are about the size of an American half dollar coin and come in five flavors; banana, green apple, watermelon, orange and strawberry. Originally, they were sold in a clear plastic wrapper, appearing as a long strip of multi-colored wafers. Later, they were produced in a smaller version, about the size of a bottle cap, which came in a box filled with the miniature fruit-flavored snacks. Wacky Wafers were discontinued as part of the regular product line when Nestlé purchased the Willy Wonka brand. leaf brands have re-introduced this candy to the marketplace as well.

Come along for the ride as I journey to Big Lots to find these classic candies and browse the other treats and toys they have available to bring back a but of nostalgia.

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