Ceramics Painting at Knott's Berry Farm

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Jul 19, 2021
There is so much to do at Knott's Berry Farm aside from the rides. Tucked away inside The Bottle House in the park's Indian Trails section of Ghost Town is a unique opportunity to select and paint your own ceramics. Each piece is handmade from a mold, or hand formed by family of the shop's management. Pieces range from $10-$25 and you can take as little or as much time as you desire. Brushes, paints, and all clean-up supplies are provided. Your piece is glazed as you roam through the park. Pick it up in 15 minutes, or on your way out for the day! Stop in and say "hi" to Isabel, Juan, and their family. Staff member and fellow park enthusiast Nicole is also often there to assist. Check out our latest video and learn about the family history that led to this exciting opportunity at the Buena Park theme park which is now celebrating its 100th Anniversary!

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Knott's One Big Family Entertainment (Group)

Our Easter Trip and Painting Experience

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