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By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Feb 25, 2022
Come experience Cakeland Gallery’s “The Beauty War” with us! What is “The Beauty War”? It is a light-meets-dark fine art experience. Part dark ride, part hallucinatory Hall of Mirrors -- The Beauty War's contrasting labyrinth of rooms hold allegorical references to the universal archetypes we all traverse; from birth, independence, fear of the unknown, personal actualization, spiritual illumination and death.

Since its inception in 2005, Cakeland has been widely known for producing wild and delicious looking cake-themed, kaleidoscopic art experiences. Though we have helped inspire a generation of food-themed “immersive” experiences, “The Beauty War” is a direct challenge and intellectually responsible alternative to LA’s “pop-up” culture. We use a percentage of our income to invest in causes and organizations that support socioeconomic justice, and a healthy and protected environment.

Cakeland LA is located in LA’s historic Chinatown just off of the Central Plaza, surrounded by an abundance of shops and restaurants. The surrounding area offers ample street parking and is in very close proximity to the 110 freeway and public transportation routes.

The artist behind Cakeland and "The Beauty War," has been doing fully immersive cake themed art installations since 2005. Using nature as the ultimate authority and guide, Cakeland is Scott Hove's personal mission to give viewers a transcendent art experience using his take on traditional and natural themes of beauty, with classical design principles, color and pattern found in nature, and spiritual depth.

Beauty commands respect and an open heart. With a surprising choice of materials, Scott will use illusion, artifice, and context to create an unforgettable journey from heaven to hell and back again.


Cakeland Gallery is an intimate “boutique” art experience. Here, you will not experience crowds or any lines. At 1300 square feet, it is small, but packed with details. We value the support of our guests and work tirelessly to provide a worthwhile experience. If you are looking for a massive immersive venue this is not it! Cakeland Gallery is the only single-artist, year round experiential art venue in LA. Cakeland has been creating installations since 2005, and is still the best!

936 Mei Ling Way Los Angeles, CA 90012
Guests ages 12+ must show proof of vaccination (physical or digital proof).

Tickets $15-$26
Book tickets and a time to visit at:

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