Are you BRAVE enough to SHOP this WITCH themed boutique in California? #shorts #rogersgardens #witch

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Sep 20, 2023

Roger's Gardens The Witching Hour Boutique is open!

Deep within the mist-enshrouded gardens, a timeworn manor casting long shadows looms. The very bones of the building seem to moan and sigh with each whispering breeze, its windows dancing to a ghostly rhythm.

Massive iron gates, tarnished with age, ward off the fainthearted. As you step inside the thick scent of ageold herbs hangs heavy, while the feeble glow of candles unveils walls lined with potions and mysterious, spell books.

Scattered relics, a cauldron's sinister bubble and a solitary wand hint at the occupant’s talents. A cozy hearth beckons visitors to stay a while, perhaps seeking a special salve or tincture. Yet, beneath the inviting glow, this dwelling remains a haven of spells, secrets and magic.

#rogersgardens #thewitchinghour #halloween