A Ghost Appeared While Exploring Simi Elementary

By theFUNnelCakeBlog | Oct 27, 2021
Just in time for Halloween, we joined other paranormal investigators to explore the old Simi Elementary School in Simi Valley. The event was a fundraiser, and no special effects were used. We simply downloaded ghost detection apps, and used tools provided by the organizers to search the old multi-purpose room, grounds, and outdoor classrooms of the facility looking for spirits.

We spoke with others in our small group who either attended, or worked at the school and confirmed stories and even sightings of ghosts around the campus. We were shown photos taken years prior in a room we were about to explore. There was undoubtedly an unexplained presence in the photos that could have not been anything other than a ghost. During the exploration, members of our group took several photographs. What was captured was shocking! Our detection device even went off on several occasions.

About the school (background provided by SimiHistory.com)… “The Simi district and the Santa Susana district unified and built Simi Elementary (1926) and Simi High School (1924) in newly created Community Center. All students from both Simi and Santa Susana traveled to Community Center after that.” Due to costly repairs and seismic retrofitting, the campus was closed during the 2014 school year and students were relocated to a nearby school.

Intro 0:00
Exploring the Grounds 1:03
Exploring the Auditorium 1:40
Presence of Sprits 2:23
Current Sighting 3:40
Exploring the Costume Room 5:20
Closing Thoughts 5:45

Watch and find what was encountered on our visit!

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